OMG -- Just Like Luke Skywalker!: Man Gets Smartphone Dock Installed In Prosthetic Limb

October 27, 2011


Trevor Prideaux doesn't have a left forearm but does have a smartphone. Now? Now he has a prosthetic forearm with a smartphone inside. Good lookin', Trevor, we're actually pretty similar today (I have a Nokia in my ass I'm gonna try to sneak to a friend in the clink).

He said: "From owning a mobile phone and with the invention of the iPhone, it became clear that this piece of technology was not ideally suited to be used with only one hand.

"When testing an iPhone, with the thoughts of purchase, I had to balance it on my prosthetic limb to text.

Trevor contacted Apple to try and get hold of a blank iPhone casing to test it out, but he said the communications giant refused to co-operate.

Apple: they don't care about your disability. Also, how you gonna name something a Genius Bar and not serve drinks? Hey blue-shirt -- double bourbon with an ice cube. "We don't actually sell alcohol here." Oh you don't, do you? Well! *popping wheelchair wheelies through the MacBooks*

Man gets smartphone dock built into prosthetic arm [telegraph]

Thanks to Thaylor and drippy, who agree a prosthesis with a motion-based charger would've been even more impressive. Yeah -- this is just a fake arm with a hole cut out!

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