Of Course He Did: Idiot Moron Accidentally Cuts Off Own Arm With Homemade Guillotine

October 31, 2011


Seen here looking exactly how I'd imagine the homemade guillotine constructed by a homeless man in the woods would look like, the bum-built guillotine responsible for severing its maker's arm pauses for a photo op. *holding up camera* Over here, over here -- by the deer skull nailed to a tree!

Police say the guillotine unexpectedly dropped on the man's shoulder Thursday at makeshift camp where he was living.

The man ran to a nearby medical clinic, leaving the his arm behind.

Officers checked a wooded area near the clinic and discovered the man's camp.

At the location, officers found the guillotine and severed arm.

Officers say the guillotine was constructed out of 2 by 6 by at least 12-feet tall timbers that the man found by scavenging the local area.

Now I'm not saying a homeless man living in the woods with a homemade guillotine is obviously up to no good, but...yes, yes I am. It's probably good he cut that arm off when he did.

Man Loses Arm in Freak Homemade Guillotine Accident [fox40]

Thanks to syccness, who wants to know how many squirrels ol' One-arm put through that thing.

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