Not Cool: A Creepy Crawling Robot Baby

October 3, 2011


Because there's absolutely zero reason to, scientists have now developed an iCub robot baby that can crawl. I'm...pretty sure my little sister already had a crawling babydoll growing up. And -- AND -- an underbite. *phone ringing* Becky? Oh come on -- it was cute in an ugly way!

Aside from learning to crawl, this bot is all about exploring how human cognition develops, using facial expressions and adaptive learning techniques. The idea is that iCub can learn in the same way a child would.

...the video shows him barely moving forward...Given time he should get better, but for now this robot modeled after a three and a half year-old child is no speed-demon.

Ahahahahaha -- modeled after a three and a half year-old and he can't even crawl for shit! Reminds me of my little sister. She didn't learn to crawl till she was four AND THEN ONLY IN REVERSE. *phone ringing* Hoho -- if it isn't Becky Backwards! Oh man, remember when you backed yourself under the sofa and got stuck and started crying?! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!! Hello -- hello? YOU CALLED ME!

Hit the jump for the creepiest crawl I've seen in awhile.

iCub Robot Acts Like a Baby, Now Crawls [technabob]

Thanks to Dylan, who agrees human babies are creepy enough without even being robotic. No kidding man, I swear I saw a little Satan the other day.

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