NO NO NO: Cloth-Climbing Robotic Cockroach

October 11, 2011


You know what's a good idea? Looking both ways before crossing a street. You know what's a terrible idea? Developing a robotic cockroach that can climb up pant legs. *scratching* Great, now I'm gonna think I have phantom bugs on me all day. And, God willing, now you will too. ;)

This six-legged successor to UC Berkeley's DASH scampers not just horizontally, but vertically -- so long as the material it's climbing is cloth. All motion is handled by the bot's front four legs, while the rear two provide stabilization. The CLASH is able to adhere to cloth because its feet have small claws that allow it to grip the fabric, while its appendages scurry about at up to 34 strides per second.

Did you notice something missing from the quote I used? Exactly, ANY REASONABLE EXPLANATION WHY THE F*** SOMEONE WOULD MAKE A CLOTH-CLIMBING COCKBOT ROBOROACH. Remember folks: just because you can is probably the worst reason to do anything. God, go play video games or something, shit!

Hit the jump for a short but worthwhile demo of the last thing you'll ever feel crawling up your leg.

CLASH is an adorable, cloth-climbing roach-bot [engadget]

Thanks to Jonny 5, who agrees finding a robotic cockroach in your PJ's is the stuff nightmares are made of. Also: all your teeth falling out and being chased by a masked man with a knife.

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