No Longer Just Huffable: Edible Spraypaint

October 28, 2011


I actually posted The Deli Garage's food spraypaint last year, but that was before they were advertising the shit WITH GOLDEN CHICKENS. Which -- you think they lay golden eggs? God, where were you on this, McDonalds? Just think: "Strike it rich in taste this fall with our all-new golden nuggets!" That one was free, the rest are gonna cost you....IN McRIBS. The tasteless (both kinds!) paint comes in gold, silver, pink and blue and costs $35 a can. Wait -- $35 A CAN?! Craft glitter it is.

Hit the jump for a couple more delicious-looking metallic treats and a link to the product page.






Product Site
Would You Eat A Gold Chrome Chicken? I Would [obviouswinner]

Thanks to the Fried Piper, who agrees everything goes better with heavy metal. And to khz, who would definitely eat a golden wiener if you put it in front of him (or even beside!)

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