Next Generation XBox Dropping In 2013?

October 21, 2011


Note: Picture completely f***ing ridiculous.

Is the next generation XBox coming in 2013? How am I supposed to know -- do I look like a video game insider? "No, you look like shit." EXAAACTL-- wait...

Develop reports that chip manufacturers and software middleware firms expect the next Xbox to be announced at E3 2013, with a launch following in time for the holidays. This would be a similar announcement-to-launch timeline as that of the Xbox 360, which was revealed just six months before the console hit retail in November 2005.

These reports follow a recent confirmation that various Microsoft employees are already on the next console team. Several LinkedIn accounts for Microsoft employees listed them as working on the hardware, with Jeff Faulkner pinpointed as creative director on "Xbox Next Gen."

So there you have it, there MIGHT be a new XBox before 2014. Also, an apocalypse. Christmas 2013: Halo 7 or a fiery death for everyone? Details at eleven.

Next Xbox to launch in 2013, report says [cnet]

Thanks to Tom and aliza, who agree the best thing about computer gaming is you can build a new console whenever you want.

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