Netflix Lost 800,000 Subscribers This Quarter

October 25, 2011
Because Netflix has been making virtually every business decision recently based on which option would be best to alienate their customer base, the movie-renting/streaming giant successfully announced the loss of 800,000 of their popcorn-crumbed consumers this quarter, sending the company's stock plummeting 36%. F***, I keep forgetting to cancel.

The losses were larger than management had previously warned. The unwelcome surprise, contained in financial results released on Monday, was compounded by a forecast calling for millions of Netflix Inc's DVD-by-mail subscribers to cancel the service in reaction to dramatic price increase that took effect last month.

Despite the loss in subscribers stateside, Netflix is still said to be the biggest single source of North American web traffic, accounting for 24.71 per cent of use.

DAMN! 24.71% of North American web traffic is watching streaming movies -- that's nuts! I'd like to see the breakdown for the rest. "75% porn, 0.23% work." And what about Geekologie?! "You're like that last little drop of pee that comes out of your wiener even after you shake it." Awwwww, you mean it?

Netflix stock plunges after company reveals 800,000 customers quit in biggest loss to date [dailymail]

Thanks to Karsten, who watches his movies the old fashioned way: in black and white and silence. Ooh ooh -- I know this one. A penguin!

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