Mmmmmmm, I Like 'Em Tubby!: T-Rex "30% More Massive" Than Previously Thought

October 14, 2011


T-Rex: now with 30% more RAWR!

According to some recent computer modeling, researchers have estimated that t-rex adults may have been as much as 30% more massive than previously believed. OMG -- love me a dino with some meat on their bones! Between their teeth? Not so much.

"At their fastest, in their teenage years, they were putting on 11 pounds or 5 kilograms a day," said John Hutchinson, professor of evolutionary biomechanics at London's Royal Veterinary College and first author on the paper describing the researchers' findings, published in yesterday's issue of PLoS ONE.

"Just think how much meat that is. That's a hell of a lot of's a whole lot of duck-billed dinosaurs they needed to be chowing down on."

Wow, could you even imagine packing on 11-pounds a day? Me neither, but damn if I don't want to try! *bellyflops into burger-filled pool*

Tyrannosaurus rex was much, much bigger than we thought [io9]

Thanks to Steven and Jamie, who agrees bigger is better except in tumors and traffic tickets.

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