Minimalistic Pop Culture Characters Poster

October 18, 2011


Note: Easier on your peepers full-res version HERE.

Can you name them all? I did. Granted I had no clue who half of them were and just started naming them things like Stinky and Roro, but my cat told me those would be good things to call them and he's never wrong. Except when he shits on the carpet. He's definitely wrong then. Oh, and guessing at Jeopardy -- he's not very good at Jeopardy. Besides that though, he's pretty much a genius like me. "That's a dog." You sure? I've seen him get on the kitchen table before.

Greg Guillemin's Society6 Shop (with prints for sale)
How Many Of These Characters Can You Recognize? [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Chris C., who's terrible with names but can recognize a face anywhere including in burnt toast.

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