Microsoft Billionaire Wants to Mine The Moon

October 24, 2011


Seen here proving the moon isn't nearly as inhospitable as NASA would lead you to believe, an astronaut practices drilling the moon while simultaneously sucking the mana out of a dude in a camo hat. And now billionaire Naveen Jain wants to get up there and mine the man in the moon's face off. Oh come on, his complexion is already bad enough!

Jain's company, Moon Express, Inc., has already been awarded $10 million by NASA, and plans to establish a mining operation on the moon's surface within a couple of years.

And this is economically viable?

Yes, says Jain. The most expensive part -- reaching the moon -- can be done for under a hundred million dollars -- "a pittance," he says. "There's a tremendous amount of waste in the government," explains Jain. With NASA's space shuttle program shuttered, Jain sees an opportunity. "Private companies can do things better."

It's so true -- there really is such a tremendous amount of waste in the government. Also: in my toilet bowl. "You're sick, GW!" Am I? Or am I an environmentalist? "That shit is ORANGE bro, you're definitely sick." Okay you might be onto something.

The 'self-made' billionaire who wants to mine the moon [theweek]

Thanks to billcollider, who also wants to mine the moon, but isn't a billionaire. Hey, same here. And why didn't weeeeeee get a news story?!

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