Mark Your Calendars!: Rockstar Announces Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer Coming Next Week

October 25, 2011


Because we live in a world where ANNOUNCING an upcoming trailer for a video game is news, Rockstar will be dropping a video for Grand Theft Auto 5 next week on November, 2nd. Truthfully, I only wrote this so next week when I'm going through the previous week's posts hating myself for everything I've written, I remember to find and post the video. So I guess this was really more for me than you. Sorry.

Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer promise makes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 a lot less exciting [mirror] (somebody was really going for the gusto with that title!)

Thanks to ChaosLex and Julian, who agree marking your calendars is practically worthless if you're prone to passing out for days on end. No kidding! It's, uh, it's October already?

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