Man Orders Size 14.50 "Monster Slippers", Manufacturer Makes & Sends Size 1,450

October 20, 2011


Tom Boddingham ordered a pair of custom novelty slippers off website Monster Slippers. Tom, who's 6'7" and possibly the son of a Yeti, ordered a size 14.50 for his left foot and 13 for his right because DAMN BRO YOUR FEET ARE A SIZE-AND-A-HALF APART?! Mine are only 1/2, freak!

When the 27-year-old ordered a special monster-design slipper to fit his oversized left foot, he was sent this size 1,450 one - because manufacturers failed to spot a decimal point.

He had requested a 14.5, as well as a smaller size 13 for his right foot. The pair cost £15.50.

However, manufacturers in China misread the measurement and accidentally made the whopping seven foot-long slipper, which was shipped to him along with the correct smaller size.

Apparently workers in the slipper factory assumed his giant order was for a shop window display.

Cheap PR stunt aside (now verified), that might be the nicest novelty monster foot sleeping bag I've ever seen.. Is there room for two in there? *crawling in* Play with my hair till I fall asleep?

I only wanted a size 14½! Missed decimal point sees slipper ordered from China returned as size 1,450... big enough for owner to sleep in [dailymail]

Thanks to Jade, who knows the feeling because one time she ordered a turkey sandwich and didn't find out till she got home they accidentally made a meatball sub. OMG -- I'd go back there and spill a Coke if I were you.

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