Man Busts Cheating Wife Using iPhone's 'Find My Friends' App

October 17, 2011


Don't lie -- you don't hate the meat packing!

A New Yorker is filing for divorce after verifying his wife was cheating on him and not where she said she was by checking her location using the iPhone's new 'Find my Friends' app. Wait -- there's a 'Find my Friends' app?! *running* "Sorry, you must have friends to use this app." Well find me some, shit!

He told the MacRumors forum that he suspected she was seeing someone else, so he bought her an iPhone 4S and enabled location sharing. Sure enough, when she texted to say she was with a friend in the Meatpacking District, he checked the map and saw she was actually a few miles away on the east side.

Well of course she cheated on you bro -- you're the kind of guy that will buy a phone and enable location sharing to spy on your significant other. Nobody wants to spend the rest of their life with a creeper like that! I can't believe you didn't find her before with the GPS locator you had sewn in her underwear. But seriously folks, cheating is wrong. Unless it's at board games, in which case f*** it, the the sky's the limit. Just be ready to flip the board and run if you get caught. Smoke bombs if you got 'em.

Read the guy's story on the Macrumors forum
Busted By The iPhone of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who saw his alleged BFF hanging out with somebody else at the mall. Okay now that's f***ed up. Were they in the food court? I bet they were laughing, weren't they?

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