Man Arrested After Forcing Daughter To Play Medieval Sword Fight With Him For Two Hours

October 18, 2011


Your kids: they're great for LARPing practice.

Seen here proudly sporting his family crest (which may or may yes be a stylized Bavarian creme donut), 38-year old Fremont Seay was arrested after forcing his 16-year old daughter to mock sword fight with him in their front yard (NOT on the roof) until she collapsed from exhaustion. Crazy, right?! Some lady let this guy stick his penis in her 16 years ago. He was probably just a lowly sable-boy then!

Fremont Seay, the father, tried to discipline his daughter by hitting her with multiple switches. Then as a tactic change, he made her dress in medieval clothing and fight him for hours with a wooden sword.

Seay allegedly told investigators that he was a renaissance fighter and that because his daughter was 16, he had the right to fight her with a wooden sword.

After the sword fight, the girl texted a friend who called 911.

Ah yes, the old Renaissance Festival guide to parenting. Admittedly, it SHOULD be a parent's right to battle all their children for the throne as soon as they turn 16. Otherwise, what's the point in even having them? God knows they don't do their chores! But seriously Sir Eatalot -- WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Everybody knows playing ninja is the key to raising well adjusted daughters.

'Renaissance Fighter' arrested after forcing 16-year old daughter into prolonged mock sword battle [q13fox]

Thanks to Rebecca, who was raised playing outerspace and is perfectly normal. Same here! And to Evil Ares, who was raised playing God of War and, well, yeah.

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