Unblur The Blur: A Future Photoshop Tool

October 11, 2011


Blurry photos: sometimes they make it hard to figure out where the nipple ends and the rest of the breast begins. THAT AIN'T COO'! Enter Photoshop's recent sneak-peak of a de-blurring tool, an algorithm that can analyze and restore the sharpness of photos. WTFOTOSHOP!

With only a few clicks, a blurry image is quickly analyzed, allowed Photoshop to discern exactly how the image was messed up. That is to say, if you accidentally moved your hand slightly to the right and down while the shutter snapped, it'll pick that up. And then it reverses it--and that's the totally magical part.

...It works on text too. Keep in mind that this won't fix your out of focus images--ones where you just have your lens set incorrectly--but works against motion blur.

Amazing. But you know what would be even more amazing? A tool that makes clothes disappear in photographs. Kidding, that already exists -- it's called tequila. You seen my Facebook profile pic? "WOW." Haha -- one more Patrón and I wouldn't even have a sock on my wiener!

Hit the jump for the poorly-shot demo, but skip to 1:10, 3:30 and 4:45 for the before and afters.

Photoshop Will End Blurry Pics Forever [gizmodo]

Thanks to huskybrian, who once Photoshopped a picture of his head onto a lumberjack's body and sent it to a female prison. There were over 100 escape attempts that night.

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