Machine Shop Magic: Drill Press Drills Squares

October 13, 2011


Square holes: you probably tried mashing round pegs into them as a child. And probably still would, dummy. Oh, not you -- the guy behind you. This is a drill press that drills square holes (allegedly squarer than using traditional Harry Watt/Reuleaux triangle style bits) using a triangular bit and a whole bunch of really quick movement that may or may yes have just been a diversion while a magician casts a shapeshifting spell. Hoho, you thought I didn't know about those, did you? Well you thought wrong! Because one time a wizard turned a hotdog into a dildo right after I swallowed it and THAT is how a dildo wound up in my stomach. I said that's how it happened, NOT ANOTHER WORD ABOUT IT!

Hit the jump for a video of the magic in action.

Machine Drills Square Holes [hight3ch]

Thanks to Metallisteve, who claims he can drill smiley-face shaped holes but refuses to share the technology.

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