Justin Beeber's Custom Batman Cadillac

October 28, 2011


This is Justin Bibber's (I feel like if I never acknowledge him by spelling his name right maybe he'll go away) Batman Cadillac. It looks pretty cool. Well, at least until there's a scrawny 17-year old behind the wheel. Then it looks completely f***ing ridiculous.

Dubbed the Bat-illac [GW's note: I voted Beibmobile], the car is actually a Cadillac CTS-V customized by Ryan Friedlinghaus, the founder of West Coast Customs and star of the TLC reality series Street Customs...The Batman tribute features the comic book character's logo on the front and back of the car, with doors that open in reverse similar to the Rolls Royce Drop Head Phantom Coupé, and even has a "batmobile" nameplate on the trunk.

Good choice, Justin. Because if there's one thing I think when I think Batman IT'S A TWINKY 120-POUND R&B SINGER. Shit, even given your entire adult life you'll never be half as manly as Robin and he's 3/4's lady.

Hit the jump for a bunch more, the last of which includes the boy-wonder himself looking suspiciously like a miniature Tosh.0.








Justin Beiber's awesome custom Batmobile revealed [dvice]

Thanks to Alex, who just called the Joker and gave him the Beibmobile's plate numbers.

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