Hoverballs!: Japanese Defense Ministry Shows Off More Of Its Flying Drone Sphere

October 26, 2011


We last saw the Japanese Defense Ministry's spherical flying drone trying to spy on a lady in her apartment, and now its back being demonstrated in front of a roomful of reporters. COME ON BRO, NO LOOPTY-LOOPS?!

The video below shows the drone doing everything it was designed to do: zipping around omnidirectionally, rolling across the floor, and staying aloft even when it strikes--or is struck by--an obstacle.

Perhaps most impressive: the thing is built with off-the-shelf parts and costs a ridiculously lean $1,400. For that you get airborne speeds topping out at nearly 40 miles per hour and stability backed up by three on-board gyros that keep the thing aloft even when it runs into objects. Not bad bang for your buck.

$1,400? Damn, I've actually racked up bigger bills out to dinner. Who knew ordering "two bottles of the oldest wine you've got, Frenchie!" could be so expensive? SPOILER: Not me -- I always sneak out before dessert and leave my dates with the tab! Internet dating FTW.

Hit the jump for a video of the drone in action.

Flying Sphere-Shaped Drone Wows Crowds in Tokyo [popsci]

Thanks to Stro, Kevin, Jon, PrincessPadmesMasturbationFantasy (WOW), Houston and GARY, at least one of which is a giant Star Wars sized pervert (my money's on Kevin).

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