It's Alive!: 1,000 Popsicle Stick Stickbomb

October 5, 2011


This is a 1,000 popsicle stick stickbomb going off. I swear I posted another one on Geekologie before, but I couldn't find it (UPDATE: Found it. More sticks, but less powerful). Anyway, this thing is crazy -- it looks like a frenzied snake when it's going off. Geez, who knew weaving giant popsicle sticks together could be so powerful? I did not. Weaving strings of black magic? Absolutely. *knitting scarf of total destruction*

Hit the jump for the wortwhile video and a link to the Instructable to learn how to weave your own.

Stick Bomb [neatorama]
Cobra Weave Exploding Stick Bomb [instructables]

Thanks to Julian, who agrees that was way more exciting than watching one of those 'growing snake' fireworks that just grows into a long black turd and stains your hands if you touch it.

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