IRL 'Superhero' Phoenix Jones Arrested For Assault After Pepperspraying A Crowd

October 11, 2011


"Oh shishi, are we playing Batman?!"

Seen here about to explain to a Juggalo how pepper spray works, real life "superhero" Phoenix Jones was arrested for assault after dousing four people with the spray during the incident. Me? I've maced myself in the eyes before. It...really f***ed up my contacts.

Seattle police say the city's self-proclaimed superhero known as Phoenix Jones has been arrested after he was accused of assaulting several people with pepper spray. But the masked vigilante says he was merely stopping a street brawl.

Police say Jones came up to a group of people leaving a nightclub early Sunday and sprayed them. Two men in the group chased after Jones. Officers broke up the two parties and arrested the 23-year-old.

Jones releases through his Facebook page a video that shows he used the spray after he was attacked. In a post he says he wouldn't "ever assault or hurt another person if they were not causing harm to another human being."

There's a video after the jump showing the incident, but I'm not really sure what the hell I saw. It did look like a woman was fighting with a Juggalo in the beginning, but who knows. What I do know is that wearing a mask in public, INCLUDING make-believe superheroes, is grounds for a tazing in my book.

Hit the jump for the 'WTF was that' video.

Phoenix Jones, a self-proclaimed superhero, arrested in Seattle [wtsp]

Thanks to daniel, Vince, Cancanya and neolardo, who fight crime the old fashioned way: calling the police hotline and asking if there's a reward.

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