iPhone's SIRI Personal Assistant In Action

October 11, 2011


Drinks on Friday? Count me in!

This is a 3-minute video of Stuff magazine putting the new iPhone's SIRI personal assistant program through its paces. It...seems to do alright. Except for the voice it speaks in. That was painful. I already yell at my phone enough without some smarmy robot questioning everything I tell it. UGH, YES I SAID 'CALL MY BROTHER'. God, I could've just pushed the f***ing buttons myself by now instead of trying to impress all the people around me. "Did you say, 'call your mom'?" Oh shishi, it is her birthday. Happy birthday, mom!

Hit the jump for the 'did you say you want to follow the link?'

Hands On iPhone 4S Video or What Happens If You Tell Siri "I Love You" [macrumors]

Thanks to the green planet and Stephanie, who never answer their phones but'll text you as soon as you leave a message.

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