Impressive LEGO Mindstorm 'LCD' Clock

October 28, 2011


This is a clock made entirely out of LEGO/Technic pieces and two Mindstorms NXT micro-computers. Impressive, but I once made a clock out of nothing but the sun and a stick. Just kidding, that was a forest fire, but still.

Mr. Andersson...calls his clock the Time Twister. It's powered by two LEGO Mindstorms NXT micro-computers chatting over Bluetooth. The master NXT keeps track of the time, handles the minute digits and never pays the slave NXT, despite it's important task of changing the hour digits as well as flashing the separator to indicate the second.

No word if there's an alarm option, but two plastic blocks knocking together probably wouldn't wake you up anyways. Unless -- UNLESS -- they're in the hands of a child. Kids can wake you up with anything, including a stare from across the room. They're little devils!

Hit the jump for a video of the clock in action.

Time Twister LEGO Clock Spends Most of its Time Telling the Time [technabob]

Thanks to Ryan L., who tells time the unemployed way: waking up at noon.

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