I...Kind Of Want That: Giant Big Wheels Trike

October 19, 2011


Seen here doing their best (and failing) to look cool posing with a giant version of a children's toy, two brobros show off a gas-powered trike designed to look like a Green Machine Big Wheels. I kind of want one. Unfortunately, they cost $75,000 and can only get up to 50MPH. Pfft, I want to die on the thing, not fall asleep!

The front [45"] wheel is driven by a chain housed in a protective cowling that replicates the toy's frame and, like its predecessor, the cycle is steered by two handheld push/pull levers that control the two rear wheels via a directional linkage. The hand levers include brakes while a foot lever controls its manual 6-speed transmission. Its 8 1/2-gallon fuel tank is built into the frame, hidden from view, providing a range of 400 miles.

Oh man, Big Wheels were the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. You remember going as fast as you could and then locking the brake and powersliding? I used to do that all the time. The last time straight into a neighbor's brick mailbox. I was out for days. My parents wanted to pull the plug but the doctor was all, "it's only been 30-minutes."

Hit the jump for a shot with less dudes.


Hammacher Schlemmer (surprise, surprise) Product Site
This Motorized Big Wheel Looks All Sorts of Deadly [gizmodo]

Thanks to andrew, who's going to try to jump four buses on one during my neighborhood stunt spectacular. He doesn't know it yet, but he's going to (I'm gonna tell him I kidnapped his family).

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