I Said Cool Down, You're Cookin' My Meat!: Nest, The Learning, Burning Thermostat

October 26, 2011


Nest is a new $250 thermostat. It looks different from other thermostats because it's round and shiny instead of boxy and off-white. Plus it learns every time you rotate the dial to change the temperature. That way, it knows when you're sound asleep to short-circuit and burn the house down!

Nest learns from your temperature adjustments, programs itself to keep you comfortable, and guides you to energy savings. You can control the thermostat from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and Nest never stops learning, even as your life and the seasons change.

Admittedly, it does sound better than anything else on the market. Of course, the last time I went to the thermostat market was F***ING NEVER, so I could be wrong. God, remember before thermostats existed and you had to regulate the temperature by opening windows and setting wastebaskets of animal fur on fire? No? Sooooooooooo....you're not from the 1700's? Because you look like you could be.

Hit the jump for a brief ad, and a demo of how the thing works.

Product Site (now available for pre-order)

Thanks to Drew, Jason "as I get older, I find that the geeky things I get excited over have...shifted" and Allan78, whose thermostats look suspiciously like space heaters.

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