I Kinda Want: $300 iPhone Case Belt Buckle

October 12, 2011


This is a $300 belt buckle iPhone case. I think we can all agree it's pretty sleek in a steampunk kinda way and would look awesome holding my sweatpants up. "Who wears a belt with sweatpants?" I dunno, MAYBE SOMEBODY WHO SEWED ON LOOPS AFTER THE ELASTIC WAISTBAND STOPPED DOING ITS JOB.

The lid glides open on stainless steel hinges using a strong earth magnet to keep your iPhone holster firmly shut. Forget about worrying over signal loss because this pricey bad boy is just too cool to even care. It also comes in silver or black aluminum or rosewood. Any style belt with removable belt buckle can be paired with this litte beauty or just clip it and go.

There are very few things I want in the world, but I'm actually adding this one to the list between 'a Geekologie hat' and 'lotion that makes me smell like coconuts'. You ever smelled like a coconut before? It's like livin' on the beach.

Hit the jump for a closeup OF ITS REAR.


This $300 iPhone 4 Case Doubles As A Belt Buckle [iphonesavior]

Thanks to Jordan, who carries his iPhone like a normal person: tied to a shoestring hanging inside his pants. Come on, you can't tell me I'm the only one!

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