I Invented That!: Screentop iPad Keyboards

October 27, 2011


The TouchFire is a clear silicon "tactile' keyboard cover for use with an iPad so you can touch-type without looking with better speed and accuracy. It's a Kickstarter project developed by Steve Isaac and Brad Melon Lemon Melmon, but already at almost 3x its initial financial goal. Mostly because everyone who's ever typed on an iPad invented this exact same thing in their head but were too lazy to manufacture them. Thankfully, I at least managed to sketch out a product design a couple months ago, so I might actually stand a chance of scoring some royalties. "This...is a bar tab with a stick figure doodle of a woman with giant boobs." Let me see that! OMG -- she's gonna break her back with those things!

Hit the jump for the way-too-long Kickstarter video and a link to the donate page ($45 gets you one when the come out. That's right -- $45 for a piece of molded silicon and a couple magnets. Who do these guys think they are, Apple?!).

Kickstarter Page

Thanks again to dr venkman, who once busted a ghost so hard its nose started bleeding and ran floated home crying all "BOO BOO BOO" to it's mommy.

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