I ♥ Cold Beverages: Mold For Makin' Ice Straws

October 5, 2011


Inb4 I'd blow coke with that. "Nobody was going to say that." Haha, suuuuuuure you weren't. *taps finger to nose knowingly*

This is a mold for making ice straws. It consists of a silicon mold and some clear glass tubes. Come on -- it's an ice mold for God's sakes, not a particle beam accelerator. It costs $14. I assume there's a way to remove the glass tube after making your straws, but maybe not. Maybe you just suck with the glass tube still in it. But is that gonna stop me from telling my friends they're all ice and to bite them? "You're a terrible friend." Haha, it takes one to know one! Damn my friends suck so f***in' hard.

Product Site
Ice Straws Mold Makes Ice Tubes, Not Ice Cubes [technabob]

Thanks to Erin, who still uses cubes. You oldschool, girl!

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