He's Not Wearing A Helmet -- Hit Him With A Car!: A Little Bicycle-Riding Robot

October 27, 2011


Because there's literally no reason to, somebody went and made a little bicycle riding robot. Admittedly, I was impressed he didn't have to use training wheels. Because my little sister had to use training wheels until she was 16. And -- AND -- training pants. Oh man, you should have heard me whenever she brought a boy home. Hey Becky -- did you tell your little friend here about how you pee yourself whenever you get excited? Because she does that, bro -- be sure to tell all your friends! Plus she was born with a testicle. Our parents are still saving to have it removed. And THAT is how you keep your little sister a virgin through all of high school.

Hit the jump for a video of the bike-bot in action.

The biped robot which rides on a bicycle [boingboing]

Thanks to ksurfiws and Drake, who are convinced Lance Armstrong is just a robot with realistic-looking human skin.

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