Guy Gets Surgery To Look Like Superman

October 6, 2011


Herbert Chavez is a man. A man with a dream. A dream of looking like Superman. So Herbert did what any other guy in his shoes would: realized life isn't fair and gave up on his dreams underwent several plastic surgery operations to make his face look more like Christopher Reeve's in the original Superman movie. My God that man was handsome.

Chavez, a professional beauty pageant trainer, had a cleft added to his chin, a rhinoplasty to imitate Christopher Reeve's nose, and thigh implants to make his legs super-er. And those are just the procedures he admits to: experts looking at his photos think Chavez may have also had surgery on his eyes, cheeks and jaw.

Yeah he might have had surgery on his brain too because WHAT. THE. F***?! Seriously Herbert, you look awful, bro. JUST PLAYIN'! You look exactly like Superman except for the face, musculature and the fact you're 5'4", tops. Your ass needs to start saving for a gym membership and some stilt implants!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the Supersadness.




Superman Plastic Surgery of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who got plastic surgery to look more like he does in photos. I...don't even know what that means.

  • What a moron, i want to slap him hard to check how good the plastic surgery is, i don't how people make up their mind to change their appearance.

  • GirlFromSpace

    I just saw this guy on that TABOO show...

  • Obsessed much?

  • Most face lift patients are absorbed in convalescent the abysmal curve present on their cheeks the balance derma forth the jaw band accepted as jowls and the balance derma and billowing of their neck.

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