Guy Beats All Of Super Mario 64 With His Feet

October 21, 2011


This is one in a series of long-ass videos of a guy beating all of Super Mario 64 using nothing but his socked feet. He's not physically challenged (mentally, sure) or anything, he just decided to give it a go. Impressive brobro, but I once beat a part of Assassin's Creed with nothing but my mind. "That was a cut-scene." Haha, you got me. I was super high though so I really did think I was playing.

Hit the jump for a demo and the link to a page containing videos of every level (although why the f*** you'd want to watch all that is beyond me).

Super Mario 64 [lparchive] (with links to all the other vids for you foot-fetishists!)
Man Defeets Super Mario 64 (No, Really) [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Eric P. and ChaosLex, who have both beaten games with their fists.

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