Girl On Throne Of Games (You Heard Me!)

October 20, 2011


This is a picture of Australian video game show host Stephanie Bendixsen (you're not folding my wiener anywhere!) on a Throne of Games. Get it? Like Game of Thrones except...actually I don't get it either. A tipster told me it would be funny but now I'm starting to wonder. Well, technically, daydream. Mmmm, a t-rex in a bikini with a dripping popsicle. Now smear it all over your chest. I said smear it all-- damn your arms suck bro, you're ruining this for me.

Throne of Games [geeksaresexy] (but the Geekologie Writer is sexiest)

Thanks to Ashley, who used to have a throne made out of baby-doll heads because...wait -- why did you have a baby-doll head throne?

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