Functional 'Gears Of War' LEGO Lancer Rifle

October 3, 2011


LEGO builder Plumbrothers (who may or may yes be dating one of the Strawberrysisters) built this functional Gears of War lancer assault rifle. And by functional I mean it can shoot rubberbands and the chainsaw is motorized. Just don't expect to do any actual killing with it or you're gonna be sorely disappointed. And by sorely disappointed I mean killed in action. WTF -- you can't bring a LEGO Lancer to a gun fight! Oooooor show & tell. They frown on guns in school, you know? Plus drugs. But did that stop me from tripping balls in a cost-accounting class in college? It did not. And that, my friends, is when I realized numbers can talk but only if you're willing to listen. It's true, 5 and 8 both had rough childhoods. And 4? His wife just left him for a Roman numeral. OMG -- that dude's practically a letter!

Hit the jump for a video of the gun (but skip to 1:30 for the chainsaw action, 2:45 for firing) and a link to tons more pics.


Lancer Assault Rifle - GEARS OF WAR [mocpages] (with a TON more pictures)
LEGO Gears of War Lancer Fires Rubber bands, Has Working LEGO Chainsaw [geekosystem]

Thanks to Robin and Chad, who're only allowed to make weapons out of DUPLO blocks because they're both notorious toy eaters. Pfft, who isn't?! This shit's fun, I wanna know what it tastes like.

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