Finally, Some Decent Zombie-Specific Ammo

October 14, 2011


Note: Full-size version of the sale poster (with legible words!) HERE.

Hornady Zombie Max Ammo: real ammo for real zombie problems. Oooooooooor accidentally shooting a roommate when they come home drunk (I'll kill you drunk or sober, Derek!)

With the flood of Zombie Targets and shooting events now with Zombie themes, Hornady Manufacturing felt the ONLY ammo worth using was Certified Zombie Ammunition. Hornady has placed it's own special "Z-Max" Glowing Green Tipped Bullet in a variety of zombie shooting calibers. Hornady estimates shipping all calibers minus the 12ga around Oct 31st, 2011. Have no doubt, this is not a toy! This is live ammunition!

I'm not entirely sure why I should buy this over regular ammo for my zombie killing needs, but hey -- maybe they know something I don't. SPOILER: good marketing. Sometimes all it takes is a really cool looking box.

Hit the jump for a pretty quality zombie-killing video they made.

Product Site

Thanks to Big_Mike, who shoots zombies just like you're supposed to: right between the f***ing eyes. Plus only once to conserve ammo.

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