Favorite New Games As Old NES Cartridges

October 3, 2011


72-Pins is selling old NES cartridges with stylized labels of popular new games. Each one costs $20 and make the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Literally, EVERYTHING. I'm talking spinning bow-ties and hoverboots. Alternatively, spend some time in Photoshop making your own label and slap that sucker sticker on the NES cartridge you picked up at a yard sale. Theeeeeeen realize yours looks terrible and you just wasted two hours. Or -- OR -- do what you normally do -- absolutely nothing. "Haha -- I already am!" It shows, it really does.

Hit the jump for a bunch of different game options.







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Thanks to Wilmersama, who makes cover art for old NES games and puts them in PS3 boxes at Gamestop. Is that like an installation piece or something?

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