Brain-Dead: Exposed Brain Zombie Beanie

October 17, 2011


Look at this guy. You wanna look like this guy? Of course not, nobody in their right mind (or even a zombie's!!!!1) would. Even he doesn't want to, but we've all gotta play with the cards we're dealt (or whisper to the dealer you have a gun). This is a $15 beanie with two rubber brains sewn on the sides (better picture after the jump) that make it look like your think-tank is exposed. Unless you think with your johnson, in which case, no, it's not that (plus your brain is tiny). Although I have seen a guy wearing jeans with fake buttcheeks sewn on before. Or -- OR -- have I just seen a guy wearing jeans with holes cut out for his buttcheeks? *shaking Magic 8-Ball* "You know those were real and you were staring." Haha! So true, so true.

Hit the jump for a better shot of the beanie and a link to the Thinkgeek product site


ThinkGeek Product Site

Thanks to Leslie, who used to have one of those shirts with the 3-D hand coming out of chest and wear it year-round. Leslie? I'm trying really hard not to judge you right now.

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