Drunk Yoda Busted For Hit & Run In Germany

October 31, 2011


"I'm f***in' faded bro -- I'm talkin' Dagobah drunk."

A 42-year old German man dressed as Yoda struck a pedestrian with his car and decided to try using the Force to make a quick getaway. Buuuuuuuuuuut he probably couldn't reach the peddles or something and police arrested him within minutes. It's Yoda's 68th DUI in 900 years.

After a pedestrian in Germany was struck by a vehicle that fled the scene, cops were able to find the car involved in the accident. Imagine their surprise when they found the driver was a a very drunk Yoda. Thankfully the pedestrian suffered only minor injuries. Our soused Jedi Master was taken down to the police station where he was administered a blood alcohol test, had his driver's license confiscated, and was sent on his way.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Same -- he should've asked Luke for a piggyback! "Carrying any womp-rat jerky in your backpack, are you? Give both pruney testicles to see your sister naked, I would. *Luke drop-kicks Yoda into a swamp* Peeing on your back, I was."

German cops arrest drunken Jedi Master Yoda following hit and run [weinterrupt]

Thanks to GrowlerTiamat, who's just happy to know there are still 42-year olds out there that still dress up like Yoda.

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