Do Want: Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers

October 7, 2011


Oh shit son, that goulash salad need some more magic
? No problem, just let your fairy foodmother hook you up with some good ol' s & p! *sprankle sprankle sprankle* "Why are you wearing a tutu?" Because, silly, I'm a faaaaaaairy! "And I suppose that's why you're frolicking too?" Teehee -- it's supposed to simulate flight! "Well you look ridiculous." *gets real* Enough about me, how's the salad? "Terrible." Haha, it's probably all the poison, dick. NOW YOU GONNA DIE!

Product Site ($10)
Salt + Magic Shakers [foolishgadgets]

Thanks to bb, who's smart enough to know the FIRST! (haha -- I can take it whenever I want!) rule of condiments are NEVER ADD ANY UNTIL AFTER YOU'VE TRIED THE FOOD. That shit could already be saltier than pirate talk. Yaaaar -- sweet booty, me plunder bunny!

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