Do Not Water: Solar Bonsai Gadget Charger

October 10, 2011


This is the Solar Bonsai Electree, a 27-solar paneled gadget charger in the shape of a tree. Too crazy for you? Stop reading now. The tree reaches a full charge in less than three hours and can store enough juice to charge 9 iPhones. Why anybody would have more than six iPhones is beyond me, but I have five and play Voltron with them sometimes. The tree is on presale for €299 (~$405), but at least 400 people have to order before they're actually manufactured. Want to go green but not pony up the $400? Run an extension cord into your apartment from the plug in the hallway. "How is that green?" It doesn't show up on my bill! Between siphoning electricity from my neighbors and the hallway I'm only paying $8 a month -- and that's to run the the exhaust fan in the bathroom! Which is mandatory if you know what I mean. I mean I make gin in the bathtub and it gets all fumey.

Hit the jump for one more shot and a link to the product page.


Product Site

Thanks to François for dropping the tip like an acorn on Geekologie's Facebook wall.

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