Daw, Isn't That Precious?: A Robot Tea Infuser

October 7, 2011


He's not really precious, I was just saying that. Kind of like how you say it about other people's babies even though they look like fleshy little doughballs. This is a $15 tea infuser in robot form. I assume (based on his joints) that the arms and hands are adjustable to grasp any mug, because otherwise somebody can't design a decent product to save their life. Or take pictures of one. WTF -- how is the water brown when Beepboop there doesn't even have any tea leaves in him?! SPOILER: He shat in it. That's doodoo water now.

Product Site
Robot Tea Infuser [uncrate]

Thanks to Leftover, who, more often than not, is what's for breakfast. F*** yeah, cold pizza!

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