Crazy Cat Lady Commissions 9-Foot Harry Potter Themed OUTDOOR Cat House

October 12, 2011


This is Laura Marshall's 9-foot tall custom cat house. It was built by Will Whitehouse in Houston, Texas to resemble The Burrow (Weasley residence) from the Harry Potter series. Laura will try to tell you she's not a crazy cat lady, but you and I both know she's tried their treats. One for you, and one for me... Some worthwhile quotes:

I'm real glad you went with that [aluminum for the windows] instead 'cause I know initially you talked about using copper, and copper, not only is it expensive, but it's not something the Weasleys would use.

If you downplay the cat part, and if you up-play yard art -- is what I was going for.

Oh def, Laura -- good call on the Weasleys choosing aluminum over copper. *giant magical eyeroll* "Whatever, GW -- you're just jealous." Ugh, my cats actually deserve that cathouse.

Hit the jump for a super crappy local news report in which the cameraman literally gets ZERO good footage of the cathouse. You know, because the people are what we really wanted to see.

Gigantic Harry Potter cat house is the best cat house [io9]
Heights Workshop Builds 'Harry Potter' Cat House [myfoxhouston]

Thanks to Robert and Gingamon, who were going to build a 10-foot tall Hogwarts cathouse but then realized they live on opposite sides of the country and couldn't work out a deal for like who would get it which month or whatever.

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