Chewie The Chewing Tobacco Wookie

October 20, 2011


This is Chewbacca made out of chewing tobacco (and glue and wire and electrical/duct tape). It looks like his proportions are a little off. Also, like a hotdog that fell off the grill onto dirt. But would that stop me from dusting him off, wrapping him in a piece of processed cheese and slapping him on a bun? You bet your sour ass it wouldn't. Waste not, want not! *eats chocolate chip from between bed sheets* I'm gonna be honest: I'm 50/50 on that was a cat dingleberry.

A couple more angels after the dangles.



Chewbacco [bentobjects]
Chewbacco: Use the Force to Put a Pinch Between Your Cheek and Gum [technabob]

Thanks to bb, who doesn't chew tobacco because she's smokin'.

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