Cars: Now With More Airbags In The Middle

October 3, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like a pink 'Scream' mask, GW GM now has front center airbags that, in the event of a t-boning, are supposed to prevent you from bashing skulls with whoever's riding shotgun. Which, at least in my case, would be Jesus. Get it? Because he's my co-pilot. Plus I let him steer sometimes while I nap. He's..pretty bad. I'm not convinced he even has a license.

GM is introducing a new type of airbag in some of its midsize SUVs for 2013 that's designed to keep you safe in accidents like these by deploying out from the front seats into the center of the car...The cushion provides restraint to keep your head from ending up in the passenger seat while the rest of your body stays securely belted into the driver's seat. It's taken GM three years of research to get it to work, and it should also make a difference in rollovers -- which don't happen so often, yet carry a high mortality rate.

Not gonna lie, I thought these already existed. Of course, my car has roll-up windows, so I'm a little behind on new car technology. Did you hear they're even working on making vehicles that run on electricity? LOL -- that'll be the day!

New airbag bursts out of your seat to save your life [dvice]

Thanks to santa and Michael, who agree the safest way to survive a crash is to blow up whatever you were about to hit with little missiles that come out of the hood.

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