Cardboard Creations: Sweet AT-ST Costume

October 7, 2011


This is a homemade AT-ST costume (in the style of a chicken mech) from Star Trek Wars (I'm gonna watch them one of these days and learn the difference, promise). It was created by Dick Jury Tom Judge for a Star Wars themed dinner party. You know, because those exist. Move over, murder mysteries!

After blowing up a papercraft template from the internet to man sized, Tom then went on to make the needed adjustments so he could get into it with ease. As the video shows movement is fairly easy and there are moving parts and a nice little head hatch.

Admittedly, I would rock the hell out of that thing to the bars on Halloween. At least until some drunk crushes one of my cardboard feet and ruins the costume. Theeeeeeeeeeen I'll have to fight him to the death. "Quick, some f***ing idiot is punching himself stupid in the parking lot -- this shit's straight outta Fight Club!"

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and video of the Ewok stomper in action.



Awesome AT-ST Outfit, Just In Case You Were Stuck On Which Star Wars Vehicle To Dress Up As [frickingsweet]

Thanks to Richard, who once burnt down an entire Ewok village because he forgot to put his campfire out. Meh.

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