By The Time You Finish Swinging He's Gonna Be Asleep!: Turtles Battling With Lightsabers

October 17, 2011


Ever wanted to watch a video of two turtles duking it out with lightsabers? Today's your lucky day! Just got fired and found out your girlfriend left you? Today's the worst day of your life! But remember: when one door closes, it usually rattles my entire apartment like a f***ing earthquake as bad as you think you've got it, somebody else has got it twice as bad. Aaaaaaaaand that guy is me (I'm getting evicted AND going to the dentist for two fillings today).

Hit the jump for the video.

Jedi Turtles: Need I Say More? [gammasquad]

Thanks to Lincoln's logs, who I'm really praying is wood and not doodoo.

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