Build Your Own Aquarium!: Fish Use Tools

October 1, 2011


Fish, long thought to make terrible tradesmen (but delicious sticks), can apparently use tools. Rocks are tools, right? "URG!" ...Thanks for your input, Grok, but your dingaling is showing. I'm serious, people are starting to stare. Me? I've been staring the whole time. Scientists have recently discovered that several species of wrass will pick up clams with their mouths and then spit them at rock "anvils" to smash them open and get at all that yummy slime inside. Mmmm, slimy shit. And to think this whole time I've been steaming them to get them to open. Gaaaaaaah, outsmarted by fish again!

Hit the jump for a fish demonstrating his clam-crushing skills.

Video Shows Fish Using Tools [discoverynews]
First Fish Photographed Using Tool To Help It Eat [treehugger]

Thanks to neolardo and Adam, who agree if we don't stop pouring toxic waste in the ocean fish are gonna be using powertools soon. DO NOT WANT.

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