Bill Gates: He Jumps Desk Chairs In Interviews

October 13, 2011


This is an old-ass interview from 1994 of Connie Chung asking Bill Gates if it's true he can jump over office chairs from a standing position (rumors -- sometimes they're really f***ing lame), and Bill showing Connie his skills (with a one-step jump). Impressive, Bill, but I can clear a water cooler. *nails jug crotch-first, faceplants, floods break room* ...My head is bleeding, isn't it? "Bad, plus it looks like you pissed yourself." YES -- I'm totally going to my one o'clock meeting like this.

Hit the jump for the, let's see you do it now, Bill!


Thanks to Khisk, who once jumped a cubicle wall and choked a coworker out for talking on the phone too loud. Ha -- do it all the time.

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