Beyond Gas: Doodoo Powered Trike To Complete 500-Mile Tour Across Japan

October 6, 2011


This is a motorbike powered entirely by waste. Like, THE RIDER'S. That's nasty. The turd trike was created by Japanese crapper manufacturer TOTO (doodoo in Japanese) to bring awareness to their pledge to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2017. Me? I've pledged to cut my methane emissions in half by next ye-- *BRAP!* I give up.

The Toilet Bike Neo will be conducting its roughly 500 mile trip from Kyushu to Tokyo powered entirely by the on-board biogas digester. Biogas systems use an anaerobic bacteria system to convert dead organic matter into a usable fuel primarily made of methane. This system obtains its fuel from the rider--directly from the rider, if you get what I mean. It runs on the rider's poop--he just sits there, unloads, and rides off (hopefully with a step involving pants at some point as well). The system is reportedly efficient enough that it could run indefinitely were the rider sufficiently well fed.

But what if you eat a lot of cheese and, you know, can't produce any more fuel. Because that happens sometimes. Not to me though, because, come on -- that's nasty. But let's say somebody does get clogged up -- what's the best way to get unclogged. I'm...asking for a friend. He said fishing around up there with a coat hanger didn't work.

Hit the jump for several more shots of the shit & spin.




This Poop-Powered Toiletcycle Is Touring Japan [gizmodo]

andTOILET BIKE NEO: Crazy Poop-Powered Motorcycle to Travel Across Japan! [inhabitat]

Thank to Gov. Elaine Marley, who, for using a Monkey Island reference in a tip, earns you a gold star. And to Cody, who once peed off the back of a skateboard to pick up speed and then did a sick grind on a rail.

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