Batman's Arkham City Costume Made IRL

October 26, 2011


This is Batman's costume from the Arkham City game made in real life by the folks at The FX Labs. Am I going to steal it and wear it on Halloween? No. Am I going to steal it and wear it everyday except Halloween? Yes (I've already committed to going as a sexy XBox controller).

Although it was difficult to make the suit wearable because "nobody in the world is proportioned like [Batman]," the FX Lab pulled it off by stitching together several flexible pieces that move with the wearer.

They didn't sacrifice accuracy, either. They even emulated the way the suit can look blue or grey depending on the light.

Awesome, it even gives you fake muscles and everything -- not that I need them! *flicking syringe, injects* "Please tell me those weren't steroids." Oh f*** no, that was 100% horse tranquili-- *collapses drooling onto own crotch*

Hit the jump for a couple different angles/closeups.





Batman: Arkham City Suit IRL of the Day

Thanks to Mark, who claims he saw two Robins fighting at a Halloween party once over which one Batman liked better. I know -- I was that Batman (and took them both home).

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