Another Day, Another Expensive Turntable

October 17, 2011


Because there should be a record player for every budget and the $19,000, $64,000 and $300,000 price-points were already covered, here's a $150,000 option. HAHA, recession.

The Onedof One Degree Of Freedom turntable was designed by NASA award winning aerospace engineer Aleks Bakman, and includes some unusual features. The self-centering 50-lb platter uses a liquid suspension to damp resonances, while the platter itself is filled with some kind of damping fluid. Bakman also described its noise canceling vertical motor adjustment, but to be honest the description went over my head.

Not gonna lie, if anybody ever tries selling me something that costs $150,000 and doesn't have at least one and half bathrooms, I'm walking in the opposite direction. No -- running. Get it?! Because I just stole whatever it was!

This turntable costs as much as a house [dvice]

Thanks to aaron, who's holding out for a $500,000 turntable because he's the 1% or something.

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