All-Electric Deloreans Coming In 2013?

October 17, 2011


Desktop worthy full-res picture HERE and interior dash HERE.

In 1995 Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne bought the rights to the Delorean Motor Company and a warehouse of the manufacturer's original parts. Since then, the company has been repairing old models and making custom made-to-order vehicles. But now they're teaming up with electric-car company Epic EV to produce a line of electric Deloreans by 2013. What do you make of all this, Doc? "Great Scott!" *eyeroll* Really bro?

The new car the two companies unveiled today at the International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston, Texas is no run-of-the-mill electric DeLorean conversion. It's a development model of a car, called DMCEV, which DeLorean plans to launch into production in two years.

The companies haven't released any specs yet, but if it's anything like Epic EV's Torq Roadster, it'll get a 200 hp+, 44V/156V electric motor, powered by a 24-30 KWh lithium ion phosphate battery

No word on price but I went ahead and put my name on the waiting list anyway. I mean, two years is more than enough time to plan a quality bank robbery, amirite? Now, which one of you can stay sober long enough to drive the getaway car? Awesome, I'd do it myself but it's gonna take several cocktails to loosen me up enough to rob that sucker. "You sure that's a good idea?" Am I sure that's a good idea. It's a better one than showing up for court wasted last week but that turned out fine, didn't it? "You spent the weekend in jail." Yeah, and got to catch up on my sleep!

This is a brand-new, all-electric DeLorean [jalopnik]

Thanks to Cole, who wants one with rotating license plates and an oil slick and little tire-slicing razors that come out of the wheels. Ditto brobro.

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